Nectarine with vanilla cream

Basically, I had actually already started the autumn with my plum pie, but now I'm jumping back to summer fruit. I'm as changeable as this summer itself.

So this year I had my problems with peaches and nectarines. Either the stuff was so mushy and no longer edible or stick hard and was not soft. The only delicious peaches I've had this year have been a sweet side dish to the ricotta pancakes.

When Alex talks about his peach Salsa wrote, I was still crying a bit and complaining about my peach woe.
So far! Because yesterday I finally finally caught the ultimate vineyard peaches and immediately pure and plastered in homemade yogurt. They were just right! Soft without being soggy, sweet without being too close to rot, not too furry skin, which otherwise could easily be peeled off. Perfect! That's why I can put a check mark behind this year's peach enjoyment.
As the gentle reader has certainly noticed, the title is about nectarines, and that's exactly what it's all about now.
Similar game to the peaches: lazy or hard. Both white and yellow varieties.
So far! Because I also found the ultimate yellow-fleshed nectarines. And what was not eaten right away, wandered into a delicious nectarine menu with crispy short crust pastry and sweet vanilla sour cream.
This must be directly logged out before the nectarine time is over again .
a piece of freshly baked tart with nectarines and vanilla cream
Nekatrinen tart with vanilla cream
For the short crust pastry:
200 g of flour
50 g of sugar
100 g cold butter in small pieces
approx. 3 El ice water
evtl. Homebaked Legumes
Shape Butter
Put all the ingredients in a bowl and strain into a smooth shortcrust pastry.
I have a handy Pastry Cutter "or" Dough Cutter ". It works great. Otherwise, do it also the hands, the dough hooks of the hand mixer or a normal knife, with which one "cuts" through the dough.
The dough into a ball, wrap in cling film and refrigerate for 1/2 hour.
Butter a tart dish.
Make the dough on the work surface into a circle roll out and place in the tart tin, pulling up one edge. Prick the dough several times with a fork, then bake for 15 minutes at 180 ° C on the middle rail. Who has used legumes to blanch baking.
For topping and cream:
4 mature Nectarines
300 g of sour cream
50 g of sugar
1 Egg (size L)
1 vanilla pod
20 g corn starch, sieved
Spread on the floor like a tile after prebaking.
For the cream, smooth the sour cream with sugar and egg, scrape the pith out of the vanilla pod and add it with the cornflour and whisk everything thoroughly.
Pour over the nectarines and bake the tart at the same temperature for about 35-40 minutes.Whipped cream or vanilla ice cream are a perfect match. But the tart also tasted great on its own.